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ABOUT ME     More information about me  

My name is John David Hough, I am the photographer who shoots all the images for JD Cards and have been involved with photography for more years than I care to think about. My interest started when I was around 8 years old, got my first Kodak plastic camera and I have never lost interest since then. I am from the old school where we did it all. For many years I made both my own black and white and color prints. Living in San Francisco for almost 30 years, I did fashion photography as well as physique shots. I am basically a "people" photographer as opposed to one who shoots things. I really enjoy being with people and it is a complete rush to have the most beautiful men in the world nude in front of you for 2-3 hours. They are just waiting for your instructions for their next pose. Of course, it does take lots of planning both before and after the session. But that period when the model is in front of the camera more than makes up for all that work. I shoot only digital now, I have 2 Canon cameras. I can't envision ever going back to film again. The quality of digital is at least 95 percent of film. And the ease and time savings is more than worth the changeover. In addition, no matter how careful you are during a shoot, things are in the wrong place, a model might have a temporary blemish and digital makes taking care of these problems a piece of cake.

In addition to shooting beautiful men, I also very much like shooting old buildings. I have been very lucky to have visited Paris, Rome and other great cities in Europe and it is mind boggling to see all the old, incredible architecture. To have some models in these locations would make me very happy.
In addition to doing the photography, I do the printing of the cards and prints, put the orders together, take care of email, etc, etc. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I do, and when I hear from someone that they like my work, it makes my day!

I live in West Hollywood with my two cats, Fred and Ethyl, California is the greatest place to live, after being here for 44 years, I think I may just stay around for a little longer.

I hate having my picture taken. It might have something to do with comparing myself to the models I work with and then looking in the mirror and asking myself. Why can't I look like them? But just so you can get some idea of who I am, here is a shot taken a few years back.

John David Hough
West Hollywood December 2004

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