I can’t believe that I have been  involved with photography for over 65  years. Maybe what it means that if you really love what you are doing that you are  very fortunate. Over the years I have spent many hours in the darkroom developing film and making prints. I am completely happy with the switch to digital photography. I believe the quality is every  bit as good as from film. Using Photoshop the possibilities are endless. With film what you shot is pretty much what you ended up with.  Not so with digital, not to mention the huge savings in film and processing.

I am interested in different fields of photography,to me at least it would be boring to shoot the same type of shots every time you picked up the  camera. I love the shoots of houses that I do for real estate agents. It is always interesting to open the door of a new house shoot and discover a great home.There have always been times when walking into a house you are trying to figure out how you can make this house look good, there is very little there that will make prospective buyers want to buy it..All in all, most of the homes I have worked in are just fine. In the past 2 years I finally started with a dream I have had for many years. I have always loved the old, wonderful theatres built in the late 20’s and early 30’s. So much though went into designing and building these  beautiful theatres. The sad thing is that over the  years, many of these theatres have been torn down to build another office building or worse yet, replaced with a parking lot. So many of these theatres have very few photos of the interiors and the few that exist are not the best quality. So by shooting these wonderful places there will be a complete record of what was. To date myself and business partner Mark Mulhall have done shoots at around 50 theatres all around the country, since many of these theatres are non profit, we do the shoots at no charge to the theatres, in addition we send the edited images to the theatre to  use as needed. you http://www.ornatetheatres.comcan check out our work  here.  www.ornatetheatres.com

In addition to these fields of photography I also do shoots of Fitness Models and also Artisic Nude Shoots. I really admire these guys who  spend many hours at the gym to continually keep their bodies ready for photo shoots, also sticking to a healthy diet and in general looking as great as they can.It takes a lot of dedication on their part and it makes for great photoshoots. I hesitate to even try to guess how many models I have worked with over the years, in any case it has been a great and wonderful experience for me. I have also done fashion shoots in the past with both female and male models. Below are links to any of my sites to see my work .If  you want to get in touch with me, there are also links below.


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